WalkOVR Mai 2020 Update 2

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Salut tout le monde,

We hope everybody is safe and in comfort during these pandemic days.
We brought another update for OVRPortal and also for your WalkOVR device software.
New OVR Portal will be forcing you to download the new FW release 901

So, what's new in v1.5.2

Vous pouvez vérifier notes de version ici.

New OVR Portal release v1.5.2 will be coming with major firmware update v.901, with this new firmware our users' body movements will be captured way more precise than ever, this precision brings:

  • even more real-time controls, extremely instant stop and play
  • extremely good room-scale freedom, such as real walking in your VR play area and getting magazines over the floor to reload your VR gun, without any unintentional movement

in addition to this we changed the communication protocol between your system and the device and we called it dynamic communication.

Dynamic communication provides:

  • more stable connectivity,
  • increased range of communication
  • and less battery usage


Although it is named as a minor release (as of v.1.5.2 rather than v1.6)
with the combination of the new firmware update, this is a major one.
We really suggest you update to the latest version as soon as possible.

Quoi d'autre?

Other than those major improvements mentioned above, we bring some other requested features as well.

Soft Calibration with button

Finally you don't need to turn off and on your device to calibrate. You can now calibrate your WalkOVR anytime even during your gameplay.

New Strafing and Walking methods

You can now strafe with your legs by extending your legs to your right or left. Pay attention to your strafing dead-zone parameter though, it needs to be arranged for your need.

and now you can use your WalkOVR with one of the VR treadmills in the market including our old ones 🙂 if you want more freedom with precise movements WalkOVR is your go-to solution, keep your mechanical structure but use WalkOVR. with this feature we've provided one of our Kickstarter promises as well.

a little reminder for Index User

Just to remind Index users are also able to play with WalkOVR now.
Il suffit de visiter ici et d'ajouter l'option de mappage équivalente à vos jointures.
Ensuite, vous verrez que vous pouvez désormais utiliser WalkOVR.

Amélioration des calculs d'énergie et des problèmes de connexion

Your VR energy consumption now improved further, not only because we improved calculations within OVR Portal, but also because of the new firmware release.

Quelle est la prochaine étape?

Next is v1.5.3 or v1.6 in case we manage to include major changes we plan for v1.6 earlier.
Decoupling and, finally, UI changes are planned both for the next release. As well as some bug fixes and other surprises. Fingers crossed.


Il est encore frais et nous serions très heureux de vous voir avec nous.

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VR & Gaming pour 'plus'

Nous soutenons les fournisseurs de contenu ainsi que certains développeurs indépendants de diverses manières, mais au moins en les promouvant dans tous les aspects que nous pouvons. Si vous avez cette possibilité, nous vous encourageons à faire de même et à soutenir certains des grands créateurs de RV qui peuvent avoir besoin de votre soutien par tous les moyens.

Please let us know if you would like to suggest anything further regarding that.

Your feedback is more important now.

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